Are you ready for more?

If you’re here, I know your answer is yes. Whether you are wanting more freedom, more connection, more success, more love, more of yourself, or more sharing of your gifts, I want you to know that I am ready and excited to assist you in having more of what you want! And I don’t believe it has to be hard. Forcing change is not my way. It can be easy. That doesn’t mean there’s no work involved. But when you’re doing what feels good or what you love, it can be fun and energizing. Right?

Working with quantum…

This theme of ease is why I love working in the quantum…the causal realms. Dealing with the unseen karmic threads that hold certain attitudes, life circumstances, or difficult processes in place is where the magic can happen. It’s like addressing the problem from the root rather than the surface. You can beat your head against a wall trying to address a symptom. Miracles happen when the very ground that allowed the problem to arise shifts to support a new way of being.

David’s healing work gently, effectively, and comfortably called forth and prepared some of my most traumatic early experiences to be released. The release of these energies is never a pleasant process, but David’s supportive and trustworthy presence made it easy to get to the brink of that release, and once it was over there was immense bliss, relief, and an enormous amount of previously bound energy and intelligence permanently integrated. I am now a much more here, whole, and happy being due to my work with David. And I am deeply grateful for what he has given me. If you are looking to heal any broken zones, relatively minor or deep, I highly recommend working with him.
— Tyler Keith, CA

Quantum soul packages


Let’s make

some magic

Let’s talk about the business end. I have several ways of working with individuals. You are certainly welcome to book a single session to get a better feel for the work we will do together or if that’s what your situation will allow. If you’d like that option, there’s a link below.

If you’re ready for an upgrade in your life, I really recommend working with me in a series of sessions. We will start with setting some goals of what you want to see change in your life. I will utilize your birth chart as a deep wisdom tool to guide our work together. It surprises me over and over again how amazingly useful the astrological chart is, and it pinpoints what is ripe for transformation.

We will then dive into deep quantum work together. It’s important to note that the quantum realm is nonlinear. Things arise in sessions with people that seem so out of left field to the mind. Over and over again those strange arisings have proven to hold keys to unlock a situation or circumstance. I invite you to open to new possibilities and enjoy the ride. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d love to tell you about the packages I offer.

Quantum soul transformation package

This package is for you if you are ready to show up in your life in a much bigger way. The pain of not giving our gifts fully is the hardest pain we have to experience. And that pain can show up in many different ways…illness, mental torture, poor relationships, dissatisfying work, etc.

We will partner together to support massive change and upgrades in your life. This is a 6-month package which includes 14 individual 1-hour sessions with me (recordings provided on request) and 6 Group Breakthrough sessions (recordings available - dates TBA). The investment for this package is $1500 or 6 monthly payments of $265. This amounts to $750 off my regular individual/group session prices. I promise to show up fully for you. And I expect your full engagement in the work that we do.

Quantum Soul breakthrough package

This package is for you if you’re already showing up for your life in big ways and feel you need some non ordinary support to get to your next level. I’m ready to partner with you in taking those next steps. I promise I will bring every tool in my toolbox to unlock hidden resources and areas of inefficiency in your being.

This is a 3-month commitment which includes 6 individual 1-hour sessions with me (recordings provided on request) and 3 Group Breakthrough session (recordings available - dates TBA). The investment for this package is $750 or 3 monthly payments of $265. This amounts to $225 off my regular individual/group session prices.

Quantum soul experience

This offering is for you if you are curious and open to non-ordinary support and ready to get a deeper sense of what your soul’s journey is all about in this life. Your unique soul path is reflected in your birth chart. I can not stress how valuable it can be to have that reflected to you.

This package will give you an experience of an evolutionary astrology reading and a quantum healing session, a total of 150 minutes with me which we can utilize at your discretion. The investment is $333 or 2 payments of $175. That amounts to $67 off my regular prices.

David Chitara is extraordinary, a rare find. His work has had a tremendous impact on my overall health. Before talking with him, I was sleeping between 4-6 hours/night. The night of our session, I slept for 10 hours and have continued to sleep for 8-10 hours/night ever since. I feel like I have my body, mind, and spirit back. I am deeply grateful. Many Blessings.
— Rachel Felson, CT
Rachel Felson, CT

A few more details


All of our sessions will be done via phone. Some people ask about doing video conferencing, but I have found that my gifts work in a deeper way and with more freedom when I am not distracted by video.

I am happy to record our session, just let me know at the beginning of our session or email me beforehand.

I also recommend that you utilize a headset or headphones. I may guide you in exercises that will require your hands to be free.

Being comfortable is also important. I would recommend lying on your bed or sitting in a comfortable chair.

People often feel deeply relaxed and/or energized at the end of a session. I would recommend budgeting an extra 30-60 minutes after our session to give yourself room to integrate and/or rest.

Packages are provided to support our work, provide a bigger spiritual container, and make our work more affordable. Should you choose to cancel your package or subscription, all used sessions will be tallied at the current regular rate ($150/1-hour session & $25/Group healing session) and deducted from the price of the package/subscription.

Scheduling issues do come up. I ask that you do your best to give me at least a 12-hour notice of cancellation. If you do not show for your session and have not made prior arrangements, you will forfeit that session.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m happy to discuss any of this further. If you’d prefer to book a single session at this time, I welcome you to click the button below. You can choose between a number of different offerings.

David’s gift of healing is amazing! Very deep and profound. When I was going through a crisis, his session was very powerful and I felt immediately calmer. I also felt a positive shift happening at a deep level. His gift with astrological readings is also wonderful. He has the ability to interpret, with his strong intuitive connection, in a way that I’ve never heard before, which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of some of my life patterns, and possible ‘shadow sides.’ Because of his loving interpretation and ‘delivery’ of the information, I was able to open up to this. He’s a kind and gentle soul, and I’ve been fortunate that our paths have crossed.
— Debra Sherry, NM
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