evolutionary astrology

An initial Evolutionary Astrology reading is 90-minutes long and focused on the natal birth chart.  Your unique soul dynamics will be discussed in detail and strategies will be provided to maximize your potential and express your essence.  David will provide a digital recording of the session for you to keep.  $250

Subsequent readings can focus on any area you wish.  Common focus areas include current transits and astrological weather, solar return charts, career, relationships, and general updates.  Follow-up readings are 60 minutes in length and are recorded for your convenience.  $175


evolutionary intuitive healing

Each healing session takes place via phone or Skype and lasts 60 minutes.  It is advised to allow for at least 30 minutes of rest after the session for integration.  A comfortable, quiet place is also recommended for the session time.  $150



Guided hypnotherapy sessions are individually tailored and last 60 minutes.  Please mention your area of focus when booking your session.  $150