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ready for more?

are you called to go further?

If you sense there's more for you here, I would love to welcome you to MORE.  One astrology or healing session is wonderful.  But the energy really does build and the possibilities for change grow exponentially when we keep coming back to the magic.  Take a moment to look at the options available here and choose the one that is right for you.  Thank you.


kickstart evolution package

This package is for you if you are ready to make a significant shift in a particular area of your life.  The 3 sessions in this package will laser in on underlying dynamics and serve to heal and provide insight on ways to move forward.  The work is collaborative and profound.  I will bring all my tools to help catalyze your shift.   $600 for 3 individual 1-hour sessions

 Breakthrough Evolution package

This package is a  deep dive into your Soul Blueprint through your birth chart.  You will learn to love yourself and appreciate your unique qualities more fully.  We will also work to mitigate any blocks and set out a path to quicken your soul's evolution with wisdom and fun.  Our work will be collaborative and far reaching.  Take advantage of all the tools I have to offer.  $1000 for 6 individual 1-hour sessions.