Evolutionary intuitive healing

I think you would agree that we, as humans, are multi-faceted, complex beings.  We can not simply be reduced to the sum of our parts.  This multi-dimensionality gives us our uniqueness.  My healing work starts with the foundation of this understanding.  I understand that each issue needs to be addressed from a fresh and open perspective in order to honor that uniqueness.

I trust your body's wisdom and innate intelligence.  My job is to intuitively connect in with that innate wisdom and discover what underlying factors may need addressing for the issue at hand.  The key is awareness.  Bringing these factors into awareness allows healing and evolutionary change to unfold.  And there really is no limit to what can be addressed.  Here are just a few examples of underlying factors that can be addressed in a session:

  • Impaired communication between parts of the body
  • Ancestral dynamics still in effect
  • Past life wounds, traumas, attitudes and motivations
  • Stuck emotions in the body
  • Unconscious belief systems
  • Spirit attachments
  • And many more...

what is a session like?

Each session is unique.  But the general format begins with a chat about what is currently up for you.  I invite you to share what you would like to focus on in the session and to make sure you are in a comfortable, relaxed position.  For in-person sessions, I have a comfortable massage table for you to relax on.  For phone sessions, I recommend a headset or good speaker phone and a quiet room.  I then spend some time in silence connecting in with your energy to discover what is ready to be addressed.  I will then share with you what is coming up and will launch into working with that.  The session is usually fairly passive on your part,  meaning there’s not really anything to “do”.  At times I may involve you in a guided visualization or some dialogue.  I also encourage you to report any shifts or realizations as they arise in the session.  Most clients report a sense of calm and relaxation during the session.  


what to expect after a session?

You will most likely be in a relaxed state.  The work we do together is of a deep energetic nature.  You may find that you want to spend some time resting after the session as things integrate and settle.  Changes can be readily apparent and/or may take some time to unfold.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Do you offer Skype healing sessions?

I prefer to work by telephone.  We can begin our session with a video chat on Skype, if you prefer.  After a brief check-in, I will probably stop the video to allow for deep focus during the healing portion.  If you want to connect via Skype, please make note of it in the comments when you reserve your session.