The Imagination is the language of the soul. It's true. Our dreams speak to us in metaphors, images, feelings and stories. Hypnotherapy allows us to enter a waking dream and weave magic around any issue that we want to address.

hypnotherapy demystified

Have you had the experience of mulling over a problem for hours on end without figuring out what to do?  It's human.  Often a stroke of insight or intuition will hit us after we "walk away" from the issue at hand...a nap, a change of scenery, some music...then suddenly we just know what needs to be done.


Hypnotherapy allows us to bypass the conscious mind where we typically get hung up.  The unconscious holds most of the power for change.  It's where the majority of our energy is tied up.  By directly accessing this unconscious dimension with hypnotherapy, we can speed up awareness, healing and insight. 

And it's not that hard!  Ever watch a movie and feel like you were on a ride, or that you went somewhere?  Your mind entered an altered state during the movie.  It's part of what makes going to the movies fun, an "escape."   That kind of altered state is all that is needed to affect change.  You remain in complete control throughout the hypnotherapeutic journey.  I serve the role of curious observer, helping you to glean all that you can from your journey and helping to facilitate your transformation.  

I'd be happy to guide you on a journey of your choosing.  And if you have questions, feel free to contact me.