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Evolutionary astrology

“As above, so below.”  For ages, man has attempted to create meaning for life through reflection and meditation upon the heavens.  In the right hands, the power of astrology is most seen in its capacity to mirror to us our own soul purpose and path.  Used as a tool of self-exploration and empowerment, astrology can open windows and doors into unforeseen possibilities and uncharted depths.   And it can also show us the path to our own redemption and ecstasy.

Evolutionary Astrology is an empowering and choice-centered form of astrology that sees the birth chart as a window into the core dynamics of the soul.  Past life influences are brought into focus so that greater understanding of current life patterns can be gained.  The chart also serves to provide a map for the way forward.  The depth, insight and accuracy of this form of astrology is profound.

I invite you to allow me to share this sacred medicine with you.  Gain perspective and meaning on varying aspects of your life, allowing you to further embrace yourself and your journey.  After your initial session, you are welcome to continue to work with me through astro-coaching.  In an astro-coaching session we will dive into areas that you want to focus on and use astrology as a wisdom tool to empower your endeavors.

What you will need

In order to have an accurate Evolutionary Astrology reading, you will need to have an accurate birth time.  I will also need to know where you were born and what date you were born.  If you are unsure of exactly when you were born, click here to find out how you can order your birth certificate.

what is evolutionary astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) is a branch of Western Astrology that was founded by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green.  A fundamental principle of EA is that the birth chart reveals deep soul dynamics that have been in play since before the current lifetime.  History is depicted in the chart.  So the birth chart not only describes the current life personality.  It also reveals why, in most cases.  Understanding why can be quite useful and powerful.  


Along with this deeper understanding of motivation, EA also helps to unveil the way forward.  Each soul has lessons to learn in this school of life.  The birth chart serves as a map to empower choice and self actualization.  Far beyond just describing the personality, EA can reveal the medicine the soul needs in this lifetime.  

It might be helpful to give a simple example of how this might look.  Consider a man with a Leo Sun, for instance.   Just with that basic information, one can start to imagine qualities this man might possess simply based on popular interpretations of Leo and one’s own personal experience with other Leo individuals…warm, outgoing, magnetic, ambitious, boisterous, likes the stage, etc.  These are quite often accurate descriptors, but why would a soul be born in the sign of Leo?  What kinds of experiences might attract a soul to this particular energy?  

EA can help answer those questions.  The entire chart would need to be considered for clarification and verification.  However, as a general rule, Leo individuals are in need of applause and acceptance in this lifetime.   The soul needs the experience of shining, being seen and being appreciated in that shining.  The reason for this sacred need is most often due to past life wounding and trauma related to self-expression.  The chart would reveal more detail around this wounding.  But essentially the soul is needing to brave revealing the heart, to risk being seen again.  Can you see how this would be medicine for a soul?  

Evolutionary Astrology can serve to bring transformation, insight, self-acceptance and validation.   And to benefit from EA, one does not need to have a belief in reincarnation.  EA can just as easily be translated to a hereditary or generational framework.  The point either way is that we are not blank slates when we enter this life.   There is history in those eyes, whether it is ancestral or karmically personal. Feel free to contact David if you have any questions.  And book a reading to discover how EA can benefit you.

why astrology?


To the uninitiated, astrology can seem like a foreign language that has little if any relevance.  I’ll admit, I’ve often been disappointed by descriptions of my Sun sign or snippets in daily horoscopes.  These often serve as merely entertainment.  But my experience with astrology goes much farther and deeper than that.   It has been quite the ride!  I would like to share with you how astrology, in the right hands, can serve as a deeply enriching and powerful wisdom tool.  

Sri Yukteswar, the teacher of Parmahansa Yogananda, said this about astrology, “A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.”  These words point to a level of universal organization that is mind boggling.  The birth chart, a representation of the astrological sky at the time of birth, serves as a celestial mirror to the inner reality of the individual.  That may seem like a huge pill to swallow, but it really doesn’t take faith or belief to come to see the beauty and wonder of this As-Above-So-Below soul art and science.  Learn a little of the language.  Look at a few charts, and you’ll be met with more than a few speechless moments.  Or just enlist the skill of an evolutionary astrologer to unpack this magic for you. 

Learning about my own chart was so liberating.  Why I did what I did was right there.  It allowed for a deep relaxation and embracing of who I am.  Beyond just a description, I learned why I was born a Leo and how that could serve my soul growth and evolution.  In this way, my chart has become a kind of map and aid along my healing and transformational journey.  It doesn’t tell me what to do.  But it does serve to point me in the right inner direction and help me in asking better questions of myself and my life.  

Recently I found myself becoming easily angered.  It’s not really my norm to be like this.  So I knew something was up.  After taking a deeper look at my birth chart and the current transits (“astrological weather” so to speak), I noted that my chart was being triggered at a specific point related to anger — Mars, the god of war, was experiencing some stimulus.  Mars often relates to issues of boundaries, right action, predator/prey dynamics, and honoring self.  Noticing this transit allowed me to ask a few questions of myself.  “Where am I negating myself?  Where am I not speaking my truth because of fear?  Is there some action I’m afraid of taking?”  The whole contemplation was rich and fruitful.  That vague sense of being more easily angered became a doorway to a clearer and deeper investigation through the gift of astrology.   I was able to get in touch with parts of myself that may have otherwise been left unattended.

Astrology can go way beyond the entertaining cliches and caricatures.  In the right hands and with awareness, it can be a blazing sword to cut through confusion and empower choice.  It can be the gentle embrace that invites you to come home to yourself.  And it can be a light to illuminate the places that need attention and care.  I invite you to take advantage of this wisdom tool.