David Chitara is extraordinary, a rare find. His work has had a tremendous impact on my overall health. Before talking with him, I was sleeping between 4-6 hours/night. The night of our session I slept for 10 hours and have continued to sleep for 8-10 hours/night ever since. I feel like I have my body, mind and spirit back. I am deeply grateful. Many Blessings.
       Rachel F., CT

       Rachel F., CT

David with Steven Forrest

David with Steven Forrest

About david

key expression of my healing gift, and I sometimes incorporate that into sessions.

In 2004 I had a very profound awakening experience that shifted my very foundation.  I found that I already was what I was seeking.  I came home to myself and spent a number of years involved with a community called Waking Down where I was able to be in deep relationship with other awakened and awakening individuals.  Through my explorations in consciousness with community, I was able to find a trust in life I had not known before.   I have now stepped forward in my own unique divinely human expression and have come to rest more in the Heart.

I now find myself in chiropractic school pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  If there's one thing I've learned in my process it's that the body knows the way if we can simply trust it.  So I am strengthening my skills of working with the body and learning a modality called Network Spinal Analysis, an evolutionary model of wellness care.

Over the years, I have deepened my intuitive skills and integrated the things I've learned to create my own unique form of healing.  It is a joy and pleasure to meet people in this deep way.  I welcome you to experience my work for yourself.

From a very early age, I had an interest in medicine and healing. I remember reading books on homeopathy, reflexology, herbal medicine and energy healing in high school. By the time I was 21, I was a registered nurse working in the emergency room. I enjoyed helping people in crisis. But I wanted to help people on a much deeper level than nursing could provide.

In pursuit of deeper healing, I investigated and experienced many healing modalities and systems.  I discovered evolutionary astrology and studied with the two founders of evolutionary astrology, Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest, becoming certified through Steven's apprenticeship program.  

Getting a clearer picture of the past life dynamics that shaped my current reality was so valuable for me.  It was very clear to me that my interest in healing was not new.  I had spent many lives as a healer and began to have spontaneous recall of these lifetimes and others.  

As this deeper soul investigation unfolded, I found my way to Hypnotherapy and BodyTalk.  These tools took me even further in my own healing and gave me methods to work with individuals on a physical and energetic level to create the shifts they were looking to manifest.  Finally, music and song have been a very

Cellist and composer Daniel Sperry performs with singer/psalmist David Chitara…a spontaneously improvised song about longing.